Make Money Online by Talking About Making Money Online

Make money online! Those three words are like gold to the eyes of those who are looking for a quick, easy, and steady way to make money so they can quit the dead-end jobs that they hate. There are so many ways to make money online… If you are innovative and persistent, and hopefully have some programming skills, then you may eventually have a flash of insight and come up with the next Google, Facebook, or Twitter. Or you could – with a lot of patience – start a blog and get it popular enough that you make lots of money through ads alone. Or you could become a YouTube celebrity by making videos where you talk to yourself in front of a camera and act insane (who knows – one might even go viral). You could make money through any combination of these things.

But wait! There’s another way to make money online – one that is exceedingly popular and yet also exceedingly paradoxical. You could make money online by telling others how to make money online! That’s right, even if you’ve never made money online before you can start doing it by just making a website all about doing it. Weird, huh? That’s the beauty and strangeness of the Internet, I guess.

Below are 10 sites that are getting tons of traffic (and probably plenty of money) by talking about making money online. Included are Alexa rankings for each site (the lower the number, the better – and most sites on the Internet are somewhere in the millions).

This is my favorite site about making money online. It’s receiving an even higher amount traffic than most “make money online” sites, and with good reason – it’s actually a pretty decent site. Not only is this site about making money online, but it also showcases people that are already doing so. And guess what? Nearly all of their “top young bloggers” have also blogged about making money online at some point. Looking through the different articles about young entrepreneurs can be quite inspiring, and there are quite a few useful articles on this site. Furthermore, the website’s founder has used his site about retiring at 21 to practically do so himself:

RetireAt 21 founder Michael Dunlop has shown that being young, dyslexic and a college drop out is not the end of the world. Whilst many youngsters faced with these obstacles would have turned to drugs or crime, Michael merely saw them as challenges, and his drug of choice became Online Business.

There isn’t really anything unique about this site – it’s just another blog about making money online. However, it happens to have over a thousand articles, and it’s getting a lot of traffic, all things considered. The most impressive thing about this site is that it’s hosted on – that means that the owner isn’t even paying for it.

Again, just another site about making money online. At least this one is a little prettier than the above “MoneyMakerInfo” site. If you’ll notice, these “make money online” sites all tend to have some key tutorials in the navigation bar that give generic information about making money online. Then they have the other, more “bloggy” articles about making money online, in order to keep fresh content and interest up (and to keep them higher in the search engines).

Wow. Again, just another site that is very similar to the two above, but this one is absolutely covered in ads. I wonder how much this guy is making a month…

The “Kid Blogger.” The unique thing about this one is the fact that it was made by a 13-year-old. Or, at least, he was 13-years-old when he first got his blog to be really popular. Now he’s around 16-years-old, or something. In any case, he’s making more money than the average Joe, and with a lot less effort and headache. After all, he’s just making money online by talking about it…

Not much to see here – just another “make money online” blog. Very similar to the others, and still highly successful.

I’m not digging this site’s design too much. In any case, it’s still getting a good amount of traffic.

Another ugly “make money online” site. Yet the traffic is still pretty impressive.

As of writing this article, this site was getting the least amount of traffic – and with good reason. Although, that’s not to say that an Alexa ranking in the low 200,000’s is bad – that’s actually pretty darn good. I have no doubt he’s getting way more money than he’s putting into this crappy little site. This site is even worse than the above “make money online” sites, because there is no new content being put up. This isn’t a blog. It’s literally just a handful of pages that could be created in a single day, most of which are just promotions for other people’s products. It goes to show you how having a really good domain name can get you plenty of traffic by itself.

Not too surprisingly, when looking through this list there appears to be a strong correlation between good content (as well as good website design) and higher traffic.

Once in a while you might actually get something out of one of the articles from one of the above sites, but overall I’m amazed that they get as much traffic as they do. The biggest thing to get from them, in my opinion, is just the realization that if sites like these can make money, so can yours. After all, they’re all pretty much giving the same advice, and most of it is just common sense that isn’t even worth reading.

So am I saying that you should go and start another boring website about making money online? Not exactly. Instead, I suggest taking something you are passionate about – anything – and do something about it online, whether through a blog or through videos. Just start doing something! The biggest thing stopping people from making money online is undoubtedly that people waste their time thinking about it and never actually acting. The above sites should help get you motivated. These people are making money by talking about making money, and if that’s possible – which it clearly is – then it must be possible to make money online by doing almost anything. Go do something!

Monetizing Your Traffic

Of course, most of these “make money online” sites reinforce the fact that you need to find your “profitable passion.” You need to find something that you enjoy that you can make money from – that’s obvious enough. But the thing is, how do you really know what can and can’t make money on the internet? A lot of people have made it big almost entirely by luck – there are so many people that have just posted a viral video of themselves doing something stupid – like singing and acting crazy in front of a camera – and then it turned into a huge hit!

Unfortunately, we can’t all expect to be so lucky. If you’re starting a site or blog, you want to have some kind of an idea of how successful the topic you are choosing can be. So just go out on the Internet and search for a site or blog that is doing what you want to do, and see how successful they are. Chances are you’ll find tons of blogs about what you’re planning to talk about. Then again, if you find no sites like the one you’re planning to make, you could see that as a good or a bad thing. Being the first is definitely not bad, if you happen to be hitting on something good. You’re just going to have to try it and see how things go. What have you got to lose?

All of that being said, once you get your blog going, you’re going to need a way to convert traffic into money. That’s where affiliate programs and ad services come in. I highly recommend taking a look at this page from Yes, it’s actually useful.

Be Passionate, Be Original

Make your content your own. Some people try to get rich quick by just stealing other people’s content and slapping it on a page… There’s a reason those sites fail: people are already getting your content from somewhere else, where the site owner actually has something to offer his or her viewers instead of just recycling someone else’s work. Do something you’re passionate about and the content should come naturally. That being said, do not think that you are going to get rich overnight. Rome was not built in a day – neither was anything else worth building. If you make content that is valuable and that you enjoy making, then you’re that much more likely to continue making it, and eventually you might have a good following going.

As for making a website that attracts its visitors because of a unique system instead of unique content (Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc), you’d better have a pretty unique idea – otherwise, chances are it has already been done, and probably very well. Can you compete with these pre-existing site(s)? Sure, but if you want to get traffic, you’re going to need to find a way to offer something better (easier, cheaper, etc). If you finally get your site going – and it’s made well and isn’t just a complete rip-off of another site – then chances are it will do well, but you’ve got to keep working on it. A site like Facebook that isn’t constantly being changed and improved will likely fall behind because of all the competition. And if you’ve managed to come up with so unique an idea that there isn’t any competition, then just wait. You’ll have plenty soon enough. Whatever you do, do it passionately, or not at all.

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