Remain Inspired to Workout – 5 Tips

It happens to the best of us. You’ve set up your training routine, and you’ve been following it closely for weeks, even months. But lately you just aren’t feeling the motivation to continue it. Luckily, there are many methods to try to help keep you inspired to workout.


Seriously, if it were not for music, I would have missed many a workout, and many would have been of less quality. Get yourself a small, durable MP3 player that can clip onto clothing, such as the modestly-priced SanDisk Sansa Clip+. It only costs around $40, and I much prefer it over my $200 Zune (which, while nice, has been thoroughly destroyed). The Sansa Clip+ has an amazingly intuitive interface for such a small size, it’s durable, it sounds great, and you can upgrade its storage capacity using Micro SD cards (which are up to 32GB right now)! Hard drive MP3 players are so last generation – they break more easily, they’re big and clunky… So get a little MP3 player like the Sansa, a great pair of earbuds to match, put on your favorite music (heavy metal or hard rock recommended), and start working out!


Your routine is not set in stone. You can replace those isolation exercises with ones that work the same muscles. You can switch from a hypertrophy routine to a strength routine for a few weeks (actually, you should do this anyway). You could try doing endurance running instead of high-intensity interval training, or vice versa. Cross train! Go play a sport you never play. Rock climb. Snowboard. Surf. Keep it fresh!


So you’ve been dieting strictly for months now. Don’t you think it’s about time a cheat meal was in order? Seriously, a cheat meal once in a while can actually be good for you, if for no other reason than because eating the same thing all the time without any change whatsoever can cause your metabolism to get stuck. It doesn’t even have to be a cheat meal, just alter your diet for a change! Get weird vegetables and bizarre health foods you’ve never tried before. Yet when all else fails, it never hurts to have an occasional pizza, as long as it isn’t every day.

Results are awesome!4. LOOK BACK ON YOUR RESULTS!

As mentioned in a previous post, this can be really beneficial if you’ve been tracking your progress via workout and dietary logging, as well as taking pictures of your physique (if improving your physique is one of your goals). By looking back on what you’ve accomplished, you’ll be more inspired to attain greater results. Remember, you’re awesome!

Tricking is awesome!5. WATCH COOL VIDEOS!

What’s your sport? Bodybuilding? Parkour? Tricking? Mountain Biking? Snowboarding? Whatever it is, there are awesome videos of awesome people doing your sport awesomely on YouTube. Go watch a few videos of them being awesome, and strive to be as awesome. Just don’t watch too many videos and end up wasting your time…

Whatever you do, don’t give up. Remember, there are Navy SEALs out there busting it while you’re complaining about your little workout routine, which is surely not half as bad as freezing your ass off in the surf zone at 5 am. Kick some ass!

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